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All You Need To Know


Do you offer delivery and set up?

Yes. Delivery and professional set up can be provided within the Wasatch front for $150.  Contact us for locations further away.

When can I start my movie?

The image will be visible around sunset. I recommend starting your movie around 10 minutes after sunset for the best looking image. can provide you with the anticipated sunset time for your area.

What happens in the event of poor weather or high winds?

The screen and equipment cannot be exposed to rain or winds over 20 MPH. Events can be rescheduled in these cases by contacting Utah Outdoor Cinema. Events will not be rescheduled for cold weather except under special circumstances. Contact Utah Outdoor Cinema with questions.

Can I play Blu-ray Disc movies?

Yes, a Blu-ray Disc Player is included.

Can I play DVD movies?

Yes, the included Blu-ray Disc player will play DVDs, but I recommend using Blu-ray Discs for a crisper image and higher quality audio.

Can I play 4K or UHD Blu-ray Discs?

No, the projectors only support images up to 1080p (High Definition). We are constantly evaluating the market and are looking for the best products to offer for a price that customers are willing to pay. If you feel strongly about using a 4K projector, let us know and we will consider adding one in the future. You are always free to use your own projector and UHD Blu-ray Disc player to project on the screen.

Can I play video games on the big screen?

Absolutely! What could be more fun than playing Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart on an 18' screen? The projector has an HDMI input for you to plug in a gaming console, laptop, etc. Please keep in mind that most video games contain an End User License Agreement (EULA) that restricts your video gaming to private use. Please verify that you are authorized to publicly play a video game before using it in a park, business, or other public place. I recommend sticking to a backyard gaming session with friends and family.

Where can I get more information about licensing?

Utah Outdoor Cinema provides the means for playing movies for a large crowd, but not the necessary licenses for public performance. The following companies can assist you with licensing for public performances:

Criterion Pictures

(800) 890-9494

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC)

(800) 462-8855

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.

(800) 876-5577

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